Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tracking Boats to Catch Traffickers

By Suad Hamada

From the Khaleej Times:

MANAMA — Bahrain plans to wage a war against trafficking by implementing soon a comprehensive control system for all marine borders after the conclusion of concern studies.

Boats will be asked to place high-tech detective devices, especially to be operational at night to supervise their movements and eliminate trafficking cases to ensure security and safety measures. The devices will give a clear picture of the ship movements.

The system will reinforce the kingdom’s efforts in combating human and drug trafficking and protect its borders from any illegal activities, the Minister of Interior Lt. Gen. Shaikh Rashed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said in a written answer to a parliamentary question by brotherhood MP Nasir Al Fudhala on the measures taken by the government to fight trafficking.

Besides the new system, the government is keen to provide the latest devices and equipments to coastguard and train personnel inside and outside Bahrain. The coastguard patrols are always located in the northern area of the kingdom to inspect wooden ships before entering the regional water. Other patrols are assigned round-the-clock to monitor all marine borders, especially in areas surrounding ports.

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