Monday, February 20, 2017

Closing Up Shop

Dear Readership,

The time has come to retire this blog and move on to other things in my life, personal and professional alike.

That said, I will no longer personally be updating this blog. And as you may have noticed, that has been the case for several years, but it's time I made the announcement official.

I am, however, still passionate about raising awareness of trafficking, and would love for someone to carry on the torch of the Human Trafficking Project and make it their own.

Preferred background is a student actively studying human rights or a practitioner in the field. Regardless, must love to write and be able to unpack and comment on a complex issue from different perspectives. And must have time to actively create and publish content.

Interested? Reach me at

Thanks for following along and hopefully the existing content continues to serve as a helpful reference for those looking to learn more about human trafficking.

Take care,