Monday, April 14, 2008

Global Online Competition to End Human Slavery

From Ashoka's Changemakers:

Join Humanity United and Ashoka's Changemakers in a global online competition to identify innovative approaches to exposing, confronting and ending modern-day slavery.

We believe in the value of human dignity. At Humanity United, we recognize that the most powerful solutions spring from building coalitions of dedicated individuals, which is why we have joined with Ashoka, a leading innovator for social change, to launch "Ending Global Slavery: Everyday Heroes Leading the Way".

Since its inception, Humanity United has invested in the power of ideas and individuals, bringing together the best in research, policy, and public pressure to activate local and global solutions to modern-day slavery. We are now proud to partner with Ashoka and use its unique Changemakers platform to cast a wider net in the community of innovators.

Ashoka is a non-profit support network for social entrepreneurs – people around the world who develop innovative solutions to the social problems that most urgently demand them. To further this goal, Ashoka’s website provides an online, interactive forum that encourages collaboration and discussion, along with competition, to draw out the most effective ideas.

Humanity United and Changemakers are launching a global online competition to identify innovative approaches to exposing, confronting and ending modern-day slavery. We hope you will join us. Between April 2nd and July 14th, 2008, we invite you to propose ways to end this worldwide crisis and create a universal standard of human dignity.

You don't need to submit a proposal to join the dialogue. Visit the online Changemakers community to make suggestions and recommend resources that will help refine and strengthen the strategies presented by competition entrants. Tell us what surprises you, how you view the field, and where you imagine the challenges and opportunities lie.

We’ll need your input again in July 2008 to vote for three winners from the 12 finalists who will be selected by our panel of judges – a group of influential leaders in the field of solutions to modern-day slavery.

With your help, we have the potential to shape holistic solutions to one of the fastest-growing and most obscured social problems in the world. We encourage you to invite others to the competition as well, so together we may make good on our shared responsibility to respect and protect the value of human lives.

  • Read the guidelines and criteria before sharing your innovation; this will help you to define your ideas and work.
  • Be as detailed as possible in explaining your innovation.
  • Add videos and documents to your blueprint at the bottom of the page. Bring your story to life!
  • Invite your network to provide feedback on your blueprint and then revise and refine your blueprint with the feedback you receive.
  • Remember that the Changemaker's unique open source format makes your blueprint viewable online by the entire community and public.

The sooner you share your innovation the more exposure and insight you gain through the community!

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