Monday, June 02, 2008

Members of Indo-Pakistani Human Trafficking Gang Arrested in Italy

From AKI:

BRESCIA, Italy, February 27, 2008- Police in the northern Italian city of Brescia said on Wednesday that they arrested 8 people in connection with an Indo-Pakistani organised crime gang accused of human trafficking.

Through the operation, dubbed "Orient Express", the police discovered that the immigrants pay as much as 20,000 euros to arrange for their travel from India and Pakistan to Europe.

It is believed that after they leave the Asian continent, the immigrants cross through Russia to finally arrive at the borders of the European Union.

The human trafficking gang, made up of people of Indian and Pakistani origin, allegedly had numerous connections with other European countries and Brescia was considered the gang's headquarters.

After the immigrants arrive in Italy, they are put into vans and taken to various European countries, such as Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, and Britain, where they were employed in the black economy.

The vans used to transport the immigrants would be rented vehicles which made them difficult to trace.

The Brescia police also reportedly raided a Sikh temple in the northern city of Flero, where they found illegal immigrants of Indian nationality in hiding, as well as vehicles reportedly used for the transfer of the other immigrants.

It is believed that the immigrants were kept in a safe house and inside the Sikh temple, while they waited for their eventual transfer.

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