Thursday, June 05, 2008

Canada Sued over Human Trafficking Case

From United Press International:

LAVAL, Quebec- The first two people Canada charged for human trafficking are suing the government and police in Quebec for $5 million after the charges were dropped.

In May 2007, Nichan Manoukian and Manoudshag Saryboyadjian were charged with regard their Ethiopian nanny, who had worked for them for eight years in Lebanon before moving to Montreal in 2004, The Gazette newspaper reported.

The charges claimed the nanny had been denied access to a telephone, not allowed to leave the house and threatened with deportation if she spoke to authorities.

However, neighbors told police they saw no evidence the woman was being held against her will and reports at the time suggested the nanny had been coached in her claims in order to gain refugee status, the newspaper said.

In December 2007, a crown prosecutor dropped the criminal charges as the couple demanded a public apology.

The lawsuit against the government, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the city of Laval police claims unfounded arrest, psychological damage, legal fees for both the criminal and civil case, loss of income, loss of reputation and loss of dignity, honor and integrity, the newspaper said.

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