Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Shoes For Change

From the (Norfolk, VA) website:

'Shoe Revolt' to stomp out child sex trafficking
One woman is taking action to stomp out child sex trafficking - with a shoe revolt.

She's doing it one pair of shoes at a time.

"Every woman loves shoes."

Ateba Crocker will be selling designer shoes to help raise money for a charity she just founded called Shoe Revolt.

Her group will raise money to help shelters and organizations that fight against human sex trafficking in the US.

"Here in the land of the free in the United States of America we have slaves. Sex slaves. And these sex slaves are girls," Crocker said.

The Department of Justice estimates that more than 50,000 women and children become victims of trafficking each year.

They are sold to and raped by men they don't even know.

Ateba says the power to take action to help these victims is right under your feet.

"I'm just asking you to go to your closet and pick out the shoes that are dearest to your heart because those shoes can make an impact in the life of a girl."

So far, Ateba has received donations from super star celebrities, including one very famous fashionista.

"I opened the shoes up and I looked inside the box and it was SJP and I thought who is SJP? Then I saw a little card that said Sarah Jessica Parker and I was like no, uh-uh...I know this isn't...haha!"

That's right - three pairs of autographed shoes from Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself, complete with handwritten cards on Sex and the City stationery.

Starting August 1 anyone will be able to visit the Shoe Revolt website and purchase the shoes and others to help young girls in need - a purchase that Ateba says is priceless.

"I think it gives you greater joy than a pair of shoes."

Bidding on shoes will start August 1, but you may start donating new or gently worn shoes now.

Yet another inspiring example of what one creative person can do to make a difference! To view the video interview, click here. It will be fun to see the shop when it opens on August 1--in the meantime, you can view their website here.

Photo credit: gemgirlart

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