Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Deja Vu

Some of the posts I'll be making don't pertain directly to the issue of human trafficking, but indirectly, by observing and exploring themes surrounding it: innocence lost, the nature of evil, etc. Also, underscores ("____") indicate additional spacing/formatting which firefox won't allow the space bar to perform.

Cicada evening on the lake.
A stand of children throw rocks
from the cliff at a three-legged dog who is too dumb to flee.
It looks fished, fashioned of sludge and an unwanted rib,
hopping as rocks break and clot the water
in a staccato of would-be-wounds,
shouting as rocks flutter plates
catering its reflection.
__________A rock pats its skull.
The lake top wavers. Birds. Inconsequential details.

The children have gone home.
The dog is on its side,
________tail slashing in slow motion.
Eyes look out from inside the dirty face
with a look like it's known about this day
________a long time but

showed up anyways.

Who is to blame for the landscape?
Cicada buzzsaw oscillating every atom in space.
It says, after Eden, nature was given to nature,
animal to man to cancer.

Cicada sunrise.
The flies are a function.
The dog is processed by the sun.

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