Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sex Trafficking in Russia


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Many have already entered Japan and are in prostitution, what a shame of children, orphans without anyone to defend and just wait to buy them to make pornographic videos. God! Punish these criminal and wake up in the heart of the moral authorities asleep or sold.

  2. Anonymous9:19 PM

    People need to wake up and realize that this is a huge problem throughout the world, a problem that many people think does not exist or isn't widespread. It is my hope that people will start thinking of ways to get involved in the fight against human trafficking, will spread awareness, and start taking a stand. For many of the victims and in many of the affected countries, you may be the victims' only voice. I encourage everyone to check out organizations and campaigns against human trafficking like the Blue Heart Campaign, the Not For Sale Campaign, and also the work that Unicef is doing to prevent this issue.