Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama on Human Trafficking


  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. whitney9:17 PM

    I am a Frashman in college and i am doing a paper on human trafficking and i think its a good idea to have this blog i hope more people tune in and pay close attention this is a very serious and complex situation that not alot of people are informed about I just hope that everyones takes it serious and know that it could be staring you right in your face.

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    How can an average citizen help in this atrocity?

  4. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Lots of organizations to donate and volunteer to. Also shopping websites who sell products created by women who have escaped sex trafficking and are receiving holistic care and are earing a fair wage through vocational training as part of their after care. One website I like is www.delicatefortress.com.

  5. The best thing you can do is spread the word and keep the issue alive. Get your church or any other community organization involved and develop a mission project to volunteer or to put on an event to raise awareness and also and educative event to help protect your children and women in your area. Donate time and money to organizations like Not For Sale, Polaris Project, and others. Sign petitions and contact your congressional representatives to support Obama's bills targeting human trafficking. Make it known that this is something important to the citizens of the United States. You'll make change if you believe it can happen! Join the fight!

    Kristen Tebow
    President - WAR
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