Thursday, July 15, 2010

Molly Bryant, Introductory Post

The issues of human trafficking and modern day slavery are dirty and uncomfortable. There are few appropriate responses to, “I’d like to work with women who are forced into prostitution.” Thus, I am often met with blank stares and seemingly insensitive questions about why I would ever want to surround myself with prostitutes; however, I have seen too much now, and at this point, there is no turning back. I cannot erase the images of the women in the windows that line the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Their bodies clad in next to nothing, their faces caked in make-up to hide their tired eyes and beaten cheeks.

Amsterdam, the European hub for prostitution and sexual services, has made a fortune on providing tourists with countless opportunities for sexual exploration. Everything from live sex shows to strips clubs to the infamous women in the windows. Ironically, the Red Light District became a temporary home for me during the summer of 2009. The streets were both full of life and excitement and also hopelessness and despair. Men briskly walked out of the rooms into the narrow cobblestone alleys after paying 50 Euros for an insatiable and unattainable satisfaction. Uneducated tourists gawked at the women and laugh at their pitiable situations. A teenage girl stopped to fix her mascara in the reflection of an occupied window never noticing the woman inside.

It is easy to see the women as bodies. As prostitutes. As purchases. As anything but complete humans full of beauty and potential. But throughout my time in Europe I listened to their stories, I heard their woes, danced salsa and sang out of tune with them. And I hate to admit that even with what I would consider a decent awareness and compassion for these women, I was still surprised at how similar they are to me. Music. Laughter. Dreams. Aspirations. They transcended our differences in lifestyles to forge unlikely friendships. Ultimately, we are the same. We are all searching for worth, value, meaning and love.

Throughout my posts, I will focus on sexual slavery, forced prostitution and trafficking. I hope to bring a very real and human aspect to an issue that oftentimes appears distant and impersonal, because yes, it is undoubtedly uncomfortable and dirty but it is happening and should no longer be ignored.


  1. This sounds really interesting - your point of view that is. Molly, I'm excited about hearing more from you. Welcome to the Human Trafficking Project.


  2. rummy4:35 PM

    you've got heart, kid.

    i've always had a bone to pick with the people who deal in the sex trafficking world...thankfully, my church has just decided to tackle the endeavor however we can...i will be at the forefront, believe that.
    the fact that in this day and age of technology and information at out fingertips, that such a world can blissfully ignore the ghastly spectre that is human trafficking is troubling to say the least...alas, it would seem that the Genie is out of the Bottle...