Friday, July 16, 2010

'Fabric' The Story of the El Monte, CA 72

From Blogging LA: Written by Los Angeles playwright, Henry Ong, “Fabric” is the only known dramatization of the 1995 Thai garment workers’ slavery case. Company of Angels, Los Angeles’ oldest professional non-profit theater company, in association with the Thai Community Development Center (CDC), opened “Fabric” to sold-out audiences and standing ovations this past weekend.

This was one of the defining moments in the modern anti-slavery movement in the United States. People who were completely unaware that slavery still existed in the United States were faced with a sobering reality; slavery not only existed in the US but it existed in the garment industry not just in agriculture.The scale of the operation was shocking; 72 people from Thailand were being held in an apartment complex surrounded by barbed wire. Some had been there 7 years.

This play depicts the first major discovery of slavery in the US since the abolition of slavery over a century before. The play will be held at Black Box at The Alexandria, 501 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles. It runs until August 8.

JULY 8 – AUGUST 8, 2010
Friday, Saturday, 8pm; Sunday, 4:30pm
$20 General
$12 Students & Seniors
Box Office: (213) 489-3703 /

Lighting Design: Christopher Singleton
Sound Designer: Dennis Yen
Stage Manager: Amelia Worfolk
Set Design: Luis Delgado

Company of Angels
inside The Black Box at The Alexandria
501 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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