Thursday, March 13, 2008

IOM announces tender for research project

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is holding a tender for the implementation of a regional study entitled “Internal Human Trafficking in Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova”.

The study is to be carried out within the framework of “the Danish Programme against Human Trafficking in Eastern and South Eastern Europe”.

If interested, please find more details below and contact us (see the contact information below) by April 1, 2008, to schedule a meeting.

For additional information, please contact Tomoko Sato (at Counter Trafficking Programme of IOM Mission in Ukraine).
Tel.: (044) 568-50-15


Internal Human Trafficking in Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova
- A Regional Research -

Scope of work:

The study shall explore the scope of “internal human trafficking”, where victims are
being recruited, transported and exploited within their countries of residence, and the level of
awareness and understanding of this remarkably fast-growing phenomenon in Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova through the analysis of existing resources and new fieldwork, including an omnibus survey, in order to find out the most effective measures to combat internal human trafficking.

The following steps are envisaged in research implementation:
  • Development of research methodology and instruments in cooperation with IOM
  • Identification of implementing partners in 2 other countries, if necessary
  • Collection and analysis of existing resources
  • Operation of fieldwork (including omnibus survey) and analysis of the results
  • Publication of the research paper

Estimated project period:
From 1st June, 2008 to 31st October, 2008

Award criteria:

  • Understanding of and preferably experience in studying human trafficking or other related social issues, such as internal labour migration
  • Willingness to establish a new research area (internal trafficking) in social studies
  • Strong methodological and scientific base
  • Organizational capacity to carry out fieldwork (including omnibus survey) in Ukraine and
    preferably also in 2 other countries
  • Capability to analyze collected data and report in English
  • Reasonable and competitive cost

Instructions to tenderers:
Please contact us by 1st April, 2008 to schedule a meeting.

Contact information:
Tomoko Sato
Tel.: (044) 568-50-15
Counter-Trafficking Programme
IOM Mission in Ukraine

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