Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mona Singapore Escort

New Philippine Film Raises Awareness of Sex Trafficking In Singapore


Filipina actress Iza Calzado's upcoming film seeks to raise awareness about a serious crime that destroys the lives of many people, especially women: human trafficking. In the film "Mona Singapore Escort", Calzado plays the title character, "Mona", a resident in a far-flung province in the Philippines. Mona ends up in a brothel in Singapore after falling victim to a sweet-talking illegal recruiter.

A victim of human trafficking, Mona makes the best out of her situation in order to send money back home to her family.
“This [film] is an advocacy to stop illegal recruitment so that our Filipinas don’t suffer their fate abroad. I hope the government takes care of them," the actress told

According to Pete Daza, one of the film's producers, the film is an eye-opener as well as a warning to other Filipinos to be very careful, and protect themselves from human traffickers.

Daza told ABS-CBN that a few theaters in Los Angeles, California have expressed interest in showing "Mona Singapore Escort" knowing that there are a lot of Filipinos there.

Despite Singapore's reputation as a strict, law-abiding society and its hard line stance on crime (the Singapore government has put to death even foreigners found guilty in illegal drugs cases), Morel said human trafficking and sexual slavery are disturbing realities in Singapore.

“This is a true story,” said Morel, “I hope the governments of the Philippines and Singapore would do something about human trafficking of our women in other countries. I know they are but there should be a massive drive about this."

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