Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ILO Video: Human Trafficking in Moldova

Human Trafficking in Moldova: the trade of human misery

In Moldova, desperation, poverty, and high unemployment make young girls and women easy prey for traffickers, who promise them well paid jobs abroad. In a co-production with Rockhopper TV, ILO TV tells the story of Maria, forced to work illegally in Russia.

Fantastic documentary done with the help of the ILO and a trafficking victim willing to speak out and tell her story. While her situation sounds like many of the victims of trafficking, the story reveals a side of trafficking not as often exposed- trafficking in labor, especially for women. The information given by the ILO on the difficulty of reintegrating victims is particularly hard to hear. These organizations do their best to help victims and prevent future cases, but unless the overall economic situation of Moldova is improved, their tasks will be forever daunting. This video shows the many levels of cooperation between IOs, domestic organizations and government agencies.

The good piece of news from this story is that her trafficker was arrested, and the film takes you through the story of Maria confronting her traffickers. It's not easy for victims to come to this point. Fantastic documentary. 

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  1. I hope the trafficker was arrested for quite some time, not for a day or two as it often happens.