Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HTP Voted Top 100 Slavery Blog by the Daily Reviewer

Dear HTP Community,

We recently received the following message: "your readers have submitted and voted for your blog at The Daily Reviewer. We compiled an exclusive list of the Top 100 slavery blogs, and we are glad to let you know that your blog was included!"

Thank you for the support and for helping to spread the word about HTP on the Internet and beyond!

As always let us know what's on your mind and if you want to get involved or if there is something that you have always wanted to see on the site get in touch, we are listening.

Yours in action,

- The HTP Team

View the Daily Reviewer top slavery blog list


  1. maybe i am a little slow on the uptake :) but i am having a hard time figuring out how they have the blogs ranked. i am seeing links to posts but not to the actual blogs. can you give me some insight here? thanks! :)

  2. Congratulations. This accpunt of slavery in the Pacific may interest you: