Thursday, November 06, 2008

Proposition K: Decriminalizing Prostitution in San Francisco

Shall the City: stop enforcing laws against prostitution; stop funding or supporting the First Offender Prostitution Program or any similar anti-prostitution program; enforce existing criminal laws that prohibit crimes such as battery, extortion and rape, regardless of the victim's status as a sex worker; and fully disclose the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against sex workers?

Fiscal Impact from City Controller:

Should the proposed ordinance be approved by the voters, in my opinion, costs could increase or decrease depending on how the City implements the ordinance. The ultimate cost or savings from the proposal would depend on decisions made in the City's budget process.

In general, the ordinance proposes to decriminalize prostitution by restricting the City from allocating resources to the investigation and prosecution of prostitutes for prostitution. Investigation and prosecution of other crimes related to prostitution would not be restricted.

The result so far: 42.43% Yes votes ...... 123,508 / 57.57% No votes

What do you think?

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* Thanks to Tom out in SF

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  1. I am for the decriminalizing for prostitution. I work with prostitutes in Los Angeles and while there are many reasons one gets into prostitution and many reasons one stays, I don’t think that putting these men and women in jail is ever really the answer. The times I have spoken with my girls after they have been in jail for a couple of weeks for getting picked up for prostitution I see no real effect the jailing had on them (other than pissing them off and making them annoyed). And I think it is the john’s that need to be put in jail if we are going to send anyone there. The laws that are currently in place for prostitution are reaching the “branch” problems – and we need to get to the root. Our laws are affecting the women involved while the men who are customers reap no consequences.

    The criminalization of prostitution also makes it very difficult for these women to seek help or report violent actions against themselves to the police. If they report anything they can be charged or put in jail because of the actions that caused the crime against them. Several women I work with would be fearful of loosing custody of their child or losing status with the family and friends.