Monday, May 05, 2008

Call from Mexican Human Rights Ombudsman

A translation of an article from La Jornada:

The National Human Rights Commission demands a vigorous response from the State against human trafficking

The growing phenomenon of human trafficking requires the most vigorous response from the Mexican state because it is an attempt against the dignity, freedom, and the right to free development of individuals, stated the President of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Jose Luis Soberanes.

He asserted that this crime involves the unacceptable transformation of a human being into merchandise since it reduces him to a source of profit, deprives him of freedom and person, and he is dehumanized without the least consideration of his rights and dignity.

In a communication, he reported that the CNDH signed a convention of collaboration with the Program of Support to Victims of Human Trafficking (Protection) with the purpose of combating these activities.

The agreement includes the administrative obligation of the authorities for Mexico to fulfill its commitment to protect the rights of people who are on its territory.

The National Ombudsman reported that through collaborative work and with the participation of other institutions and organizations, Protection and the Program Against Human Trafficking of the CNDH "will promote the homogenization of the national judicial framework and will generate means through which social awareness with respect to this scourge, a modern version of slavery.

He added that in the global context, especially in Central and North America, many migrants run the risk of becoming trapped by traffickers, which adds to the many adversities that confront this sector. He stated his concern for young girls, boys, adolescents, and female migrants, who are captured by force or through deception to become the victims of sexual and labor exploitation.

"The Mexican state is obligated to provide them with protection and give them every guarantee to safeguard their integrity, dignity and freedom," he emphasized. He said that the governmental response will be more effective if they unite efforts and capacities in order to prevent trafficking and alter the conditions that make it favorable, as well to rescue victims and reintegrate them into society and prevent other people from falling into these networks.

The program of the CNDH and Protection includes the joint production of a short film on the topic of their various methods, the co-authorship of the national judicial framework on the matter of trafficking, the creation of an Internet page for disseminating information on the crime, and the design and facilitation of training courses for public servants, members of civil organizations and society in general for appropriate prevention.

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