Friday, September 23, 2011

The Philippines: 40% of male foreign tourists on sex tours

From the Phil Star:

At least 40 percent of male foreign tourists in the country, including Americans, come for sexual tourism, US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. said yesterday.

“I estimate that maybe up to 40 percent of foreign men who come here come for sexual tourism and that is unacceptable.

And any of them engaged in things that violate the law whether they are American or other foreigner should be prosecuted. That is against human values,” Thomas said during a roundtable discussion on human trafficking organized by the Supreme Court, Philippine Judicial Academy in partnership with the Court of Appeals and US Department of Justice Criminal Division.

Thomas said the US wants the Philippines to refine and strengthen its anti-trafficking law to ensure the conviction of foreigners involved in the crime.

He said he also told President Aquino and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima that the US government is resolved to prosecute any American involved in cybersex and human trafficking.

Thomas said the US provided over $6.6 million to the Philippines for its anti-trafficking program and training.

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  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    What good does it do anyone (except the authorities here who divvy up most of the loot) for the US to provide money to one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, without demanding to oversee its use and accountability? Yes, it's a huge problem that's extremely complicated, but sometimes I think it's more than clear that the US government's idea of throwing money at another gov't and telling the world it's supporting such important efforts as human rights is little but a pay-off to gov't officials and marketing. With most Filipinos earning a few dollars a day, why would the US even expect the Philippines gov't to be able to manage or effectively spend $6.6 million on a single project that is Not even high on its own priorities list?? The money would be so much better spent on NGO's that actually fight human trafficking, which in the Phils often means fighting local police, politicians and businessman.