Monday, November 01, 2010

Voices of Human Trafficking


Voices of Human Trafficking -a film by Eveline van Dijck- These women want to state that they are not voiceless victims, but survivors of an horrendous crime who are capable and willing to put their experiences to use. They want to make clear that in order yo have effective antitrafficking strategies victims need be involved in designing and reviewing policy in an integrated and ongoing way. For more information visit:

This documentary features images from Kay Chernush's series "Bought and Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking." Chernush states, "As I move into multi-media and explore different ways of raising awareness, I think it's a good example of how photography and art can be used to transform perceptions of human trafficking -- perceptions of the survivors of themselves, and also of public and political entities."

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  1. What a powerful video! I like that you can't see the women's faces in the beginning, but you can at the end. They healed themselves and became empowered enough to speak out and show themselves in order to help others! There are so many victims of trafficking, it's important to show others these victims have faces. Thanks for sharing this amazing video and thanks for your work.