Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Newest Contributer to HTP!

My name is Gardner Mounce and I'm a creative writing and philosophy major at the University of Memphis. I first became interested in the subject of human trafficking when, like others, I began to research online and learned of human trafficking's global prevalence and, more recently, its local presence in Memphis. I immediately called together the members of the arts group I'm involved with ( and began hosting a series of open mic benefits around the city to raise money and awareness. I have always been passionate about art and am a strong believer in its ability to unite people if beauty and truth are allowed to transcend it, especially in areas concerning human rights.

I hope to offer a new perspective to HTP that helps further enrich its terrific efforts. My posts will generally carry a photo and poem of mine, the photo reflecting some aspect of the poem. The poems will vary in their direct relation to human trafficking as a theme, and will likely explore subthemes such as childhood, lost innocence, human dignity, etc.

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