Friday, April 03, 2009

Faceless International

In light of economic crisis and the growing epidemic of selfishness in our country, there are a increasing number of people who are trying to make changes in the world we live in.

Now, I may be biased because I have had the pleasure of working alongside and creating a relationship with these people. Aside from that, I completely respect anyone who desires to create change in our community.

Faceless International is a non-profit organization that began with friends reflecting on a trip to Haiti and sparked a fire that is has yet to burn as brightly as it could. The momentum in growing and the amount of change that this organization could create is going to be admirable and monumental.

The heartbeat of this organization is Stephen Christian (of Anberlin) and Sarah Freeman. Together with many others, they have begun educating young people around the world on issues that effect us today. Be it fair trade, issues of people without homes, or human trafficking; they inspire folks across the country to make change happen in their own backyards and all over the world. Also given the amount of exposure they get with Anberlin, (and other bands like The Classic Crime & Showbread) there are endless amounts of people who will learn about relevant issues. Especially reaching those that wouldn’t otherwise hear about these issues. They can also gain the enthusiasm of people that they admire for issues they care about most.

Within a generation that wants to create change, Faceless goes about it the right way. They form community among its volunteers and within the place they serve.

Whether it’s doing laundry for low-income families in Los Angeles, singing and dancing with the Dahlit in India, forming relationships with coffee farmers in Guatemala; Faceless brings about stories and faces to incredible issues. They inspire the people who pay to spend their time and efforts to take all they learn home. They inspire people to form relationships and community with people all around the world.

Recently I went with Faceless to Los Angeles for my spring break from graduate school (I also went with them to India in December). Eight other students from different locations all came together for different causes; to learn, to serve and to grow. Leaving LA, we had become best friends and family. We know each other’s stories, passions and struggles. We helped each other through tough moments, awkward situations and when coming face to face with an injustice we want to fight. Not only that, we learned stories of youth who have been living on Venice Beach for years. We saw hope for trafficking victims to become survivors. Faceless builds unity to bring community to the people around us and it’s beautiful.

Check out, or email, ask questions and get involved. Be the change you want to see, make a difference. Be a light to a city that doesn’t have enough.


  1. Thanks for this info! :)

  2. Hello all,
    It is wonderful to see so many amazing people creating an online community around such an important issue. I am a graduate student at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and I am working on a piece about the growing movement to stop human trafficking in Los Angeles and throughout the U.S. and the world. Please email me if you are interested in getting the word out through a national public radio piece. I am on deadline and need to complete interviews this week.