Monday, November 12, 2007

U.N. Says Tackle Human Trafficking with Economics

From Reuters UK:

The industry would continue to thrive as long as criminals benefit from high profit margins and relentless demand.

Human trafficking affects virtually every region of the world and U.N. estimates say the trade could be worth some $32 billion if both "sales" of individuals and the value of their exploited labor is taken into account. The traffic sees the young and vulnerable, particularly in developing regions such as Africa, sold into sexual servitude, child soldiers are drugged and forced into combat, and women enslaved as indentured labor.

Avina said UNODC wanted to secure $100 million (49 million pounds) from private sector donors and philanthropists to help fund a global drive against human trafficking. "The recognition is that there is insufficient resources to deal with this problem," said Avina.

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