Monday, November 12, 2007

A Tale of Two Filipinas in Singapore

Source: Corbis

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Lalaine, 19, was a saleslady for a popular department store when she was lured by a “friend of a friend” to work “for better pay” as a waitress in Singapore only to find that her workplace was a nightclub where she was forced to do a strip-tease and encouraged to have customers fondle her.

Kristine, a recent widow at 23 with two children (her husband died December 2006), was also told of the tremendous earning opportunities (“malaki raw ang kita”) in Singapore by an acquaintance -- a neighbor who was also their barangay (village) chairman. She agreed to a “hostessing” job there, but ended up being a call girl, having sex with different men in different hotels as arranged by her employer.

Lalaine and Kristine are just two of a growing number of young Filipino women being trafficked to Singapore for sexual exploitation, drawn in by the adventure of work abroad on the false promise of a high-paying decent job.

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  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    there was a recent case aired also in Philippine television regarding Filipina who was employed supposedly as factory workers but ended up working as a sex worker. they were imprisoned in the club and allowed only to go out during work. The good thing was 2 filipinas escaped during work. and the glad to say that one of the them know somebody who had worked with the vice president in the Philippines VP Noli de castro and case/humantraficking law was filed against the recruiter from the country.