Friday, September 14, 2007

Overseas Filipino Workers to Exceed One Million in 2007

After daily lessons in singing and dancing, women at a training facility in the Philippines wait for a bus to their dormitory and a chance to work overseas as entertainers (Source: Corbis).

How did we end up as the cleaners and entertainers of the world?
-Maria Angela Villalba, Director, Unlad Kabayan

From the Inquirer:

The Department of Labor and Employment said on Wednesday that the deployment of new overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) this year "is expected to reach and breach the one-million mark."

Labor Secretary Arturo D. Brion also announced that the department expects total OFW remittances to hit US$14 billion by December. Brion earlier disclosed that from January to July 2007, the deployment of OFWs in the new hire category increased in several host destinations -- including Canada, Italy, Cyprus, New Zealand, and New Caledonia.

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