Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ashley Judd Joins Human Trafficking Fight

From CBN News:

Actress Ashley Judd has traveled across the globe to raise awareness on human trafficking and the damage "modern-day slavery" can have on victims.


  1. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I strongly Believe that it is by being aware of what surrounds us at home and as when we travel and by communicating with others and letting them be aware as well of the behaviors of young adults selling themselves, that we will be able to reduce human trafficking.

  2. Concerned parent12:41 PM

    Anonymous, I see where you say, "letting them be aware as well of the behaviors of young adults selling themselves," I don't know if this is a typo or if you are misinformed, but these children that are being abducted and sold are not selling THEMSELVES, they're kidnapped and sold. This is what needs to be raised in awareness. I am a parent and I've been called overprotective by my family members... if you ask me, I'm not being protective enough. I cringe at these parents that tell their kids to go to the toy section of a store while they shop, then you see them on the news, crying about it when their kids are missing. People that leave their kids in the car while they run in the post office for a SECOND, etc. Parents, wake up! If you don't want your child to wind up like this, take them in the store with you or let someone else go to the store! Your life/their little lives that are entrusted to you at birth, can change in a second! Don't let it happen, because I don't care how many seconds you were gone, it's still YOUR fault.