Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Sucker Punch About Human Trafficking?

Well, not exactly. It is a fantasy movie about how a young girl escapes into her imagination from the very dark reality of her life. That reality, however, is the story of a girl who is locked away in a corrupt asylum where the girls are forced to dance and prostitute themselves for the profit of the man who runs the asylum as well as other profitable illegal businesses. While the movie did not likely intend to be a story about trafficking, and is a fantasy filled with robots, monsters and stunning, bizarre scenery, I couldn't help but note the connection as I watched it last night.

Don't go to this movie expecting to learn something about human trafficking. Do go to the movie for its artistic and cinematic quality. Movie Bob does a great review about those aspects on The Escapist. Ultimately, it will be hard to not see the connection to a story of trafficking, and it's definitely worth the trip to the theater.

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