Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Introducing: Youngbee Kim

My name is Youngbee Kim and I am a recent graduate of Regent University (MA in International Politics). I have always been interested in human rights issues and began my career in the arena of human rights as an intern at the Gonggam Public Law office, a nonprofit group in South Korea. While working as an intern at Gonggam I translated many documents including “the NGO Report on Employment Law for Migrant Workers in South Korea" which was submitted to the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2005. I also worked as a translator for a UNESCO Beijing representative and other NGO representatives from abroad during their visit to the South Korean Human Rights Commission.

At Gonggam I had the opportunity to work with South Asian victims of human trafficking and international marriage in South Korea, but it was not until
studying at Regent that I developed my interest in trafficking.

While studying at Regent University I co-contributed to the publication titled "Setting the Captives Free: A Compilation of Essays for the Abolition of Slave Trade Worldwide” by Olivia McDonald (Sept. 2007). As a co-contributor, I drafted the chapter "Banking and Human Trafficking," which explores the dynamics of financial crime in relation to trafficking. In addition, the publication also helped me realize that the problems relating to trafficking are greater than the issue of law enforcement alone.

I am passionate about defending the rights of trafficking and child pornography victims- in particular those in South Asian countries. I hope to write about different cultural standards, economics, social science, development, organized crime and policy mechanisms in relation to trafficking. Lastly, I am just thrilled to be part of this awesome organization.

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