Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Freedom Network Events on Human Trafficking

From the Freedom Network:

"Human Trafficking: Laws, Data, Discourses, and Practices" training at The Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University

The Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University will be offering a course on human trafficking on February 25-27, 2009. This course is part of ISIM's Certificate in International Migration Studies. The course description as well as the description of the certificate follow: The course is designed for mid-level professionals. If you need any additional information please contact Elzbieta Gozdziak at

The subject of human trafficking, or the use of force, fraud or coercion to transport persons across international borders or within countries to exploit them for labor or sex, has received renewed attention within the last two decades. In the United States, human trafficking became a focus of activities in the late 1990s and culminated in the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) signed into law on October 16, 2000.

In this course, students will assess the different legal frameworks used to combat human trafficking around the world and compare the different discourses used to discuss the trafficking phenomena in North America and in Europe. Students will also explore the characteristics and special needs of victims (adult and child victims, girls and boys, women and men), their life experiences, and their trafficking trajectories; discuss the modus operandi of traffickers and their networks; debate the effectiveness of governmental anti-trafficking policies and the efficacy of rescue and restore programs; and identify research gaps. The course places special emphasis on evidence-based research and strategies.
The course is taught by an interdisciplinary team of legal and social science scholars, policy-makers, and practitioners.The Institute for the Study of International Migration and the School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University are pleased to announce the launch of the Certificate in International Migration Studies. Understanding the complex dynamics behind international migration is essential to improved policies and programs to address the multiple causes and consequences of these movement of people. Courses are geared toward those working in the U.S. government (Grade 12 and above), international organizations, and non-governmental organizations on international migration and refugee issues, and who possess a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. To earn the Certificate in International Migration Studies, students must complete six intensive three to five day courses within two years. The program includes one required course and five electives.


October 29-31, 2009 University of Nebraska - Lincoln

The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from many disciplines, as well as government and non-governmental agencies who have responsibility for anti-trafficking efforts, to develop a research agenda.

IF YOU HAVE RESEARCH RESULTS OR IDEAS, or an interest in studying human trafficking, this conference will put you in touch with other researchers in the field. It will put you in touch with people who are “on the ground” in combating human trafficking, who see the effects of trafficking in their work. It will also put you in touch with government agencies and others who fund anti-trafficking efforts, and who will fund knowledge-creation, evaluation, and methodology-creation work. You are welcome to come to hear papers and presentations, and especially to present your own work or ideas.

IF YOU NEED OR FUND RESEARCH IN HUMAN TRAFFICKING, this conference will put you in touch with others, nationally and internationally, engaged in anti-trafficking efforts, as well as scholars with an interest in providing knowledge and methodologies to study the problems surrounding human trafficking. You are welcome to come and describe the problems you face, particularly those for which researchers might offer expertise and solid research-based knowledge, and to help set a research agenda for the future.

VENUE: Sessions will take place at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska, across the street from the University of Nebraska.

FORM AND DEADLINE: An abstract of the paper to be presented or presentation to be made should be submitted to Roméo Guerra by February 28, 2009. Acceptance notifications will be made by June 30, 2009.

If you have questions please call 402-472-5733. Or for more information go to:

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