Sunday, December 03, 2006

Beat Down Human Trafficking

About the Album
Beat Down Human Trafficking is a hip-hop album about modern day slavery. It will be released one song a week (each Friday) starting in September '11.

Songs on Beat Down address topics such as sex trafficking, forced labor and child soldiering. The content and subject matter draw on Hakuta’s personal interviews with trafficking survivors, pimps, sex tourists and politicians in the Philippines. Whether examining trafficking through the eyes of a survivor or a sex tourist, whether describing the cultural context or the economic model of a brothel, Beat Down Human Trafficking provides an honest, uncensored look into the world of modern day slavery.

Click here to listen to the single Human Trafficking

About the Artist

During a 10-month Fulbright grant in the Philippines in 2007 to study the NGO response to human trafficking, Justin Hakuta decided he wanted to do something other than write a research report. Hakuta was spending his days interviewing survivors of forced prostitution, domestic slavery and forced labor and learning about the economic, cultural and political factors that allow trafficking to flourish. 

One of the most glaring challenges consistently mentioned by the advocates and social workers he interviewed was the lack of awareness about trafficking across all levels of society including law enforcement, the criminal justice system, government, business and the general public. Wanting to find a personal, accessible way to insert trafficking into the mainstream consciousness, Hakuta started recording Beat Down in the Spring of 2007.

Album Details

  • Artist: J Nice
  • Running time: 12 songs, 48 minutes
  • Price: Free
  • Release Date: One new song released every Friday starting in September '11!
  • Purpose: Raising awareness of human trafficking through music!

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