Friday, June 08, 2007

Table Scraps

An update on my most recent activities:

1) Trekking through the jungle barefoot braving armies of biting ants, gigantic centipedes, river spirits, muddy slopes, and tropical heat to film for my documentary on trafficking. Despite multiple near-death experiences it was worth the wild baked mini-crabs (just pop them in your mouth), the shower in the mountain spring, and being swallowed by the jungle far away from cell phones, iPods, and my computer.

2) Trekking through the inner city down streets choked with colorful patoks (jeepneys), cruising police paddy wagons with lights flashing, sixteen year-old prostitutes, and gangs of irate city workers wielding wooden clubs who harass the working girls, again to film my documentary.

3) Interviewing government officials on the efforts, successes, challenges, and frustrations of combating trafficking in the Philippines for my research project.

4) Recording the final tracks for my album "Beat Down Human Trafficking," which will be available on the Human Trafficking Project's soon-to-come website late July.

5) Working with a web designer to create said website that will house my various trafficking-related projects.

And much more... but I have been neglecting the blog.

Article of substance coming soon, plus some surprises in the near future...

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