Sunday, May 13, 2007

This Week in the Philippines #1

Election Season: Let the Madness Begin...

*This Week in the Philippines is a new section that will provide a weekly glimpse into the political and cultural climate of the Philippines.

Vote Osama Bin Laden
Educator, environmentalist, peace advocate?

Nation goes to polls today
What's at stake: 12 senators who will serve for six years and 250 congressmen and partylist representatives, 81 governors, 81 vice governors, 770 provincial board members, 118 city mayors, 118 city vice mayors, 1,510 municipal mayors, 1,510 municipal vice mayors, 1,322 city councilors, and 12,092 municipal councilors.

Police form task forces to curb election violence
173 election-related violent incidents, 113 dead, and 121 wounded

Politicians and their private armies go overboard
Pistol packin' politicos, high powered rifles, and unlicensed firearms

Election fraud
A recent survey shows that 70% of the public in Metro Manila expects there to be cheating in vote-counting

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