Monday, March 12, 2007

20,127 Words

The man, the martyr

B-boy stance

Aeta hut: 100% organic & biodegradeable, not FDA approved

Election time must be upon us

Last night a DJ saved my life

Beautiful Boracay

Quiapo, Manila

Madapdap cerebral palsy clinic for children

Tranquility one hour away from the hustle and grind of Manila

Human commodities

Fire on the beach

Ballroom dancing= old women dressed to the nines + young gay dance instructors

Aeta land illegally fenced-off and settled by nuns

Aetas, University of the Philippines econ students, NGO workers, and me

Mission accomplished

If you look carefully you might come across this flier

Filipinas pay $6 an hour to massage pale foreign legs... wait...

My uncle is a dog breeder

Corona's got nothing on this

Hip-Hop Tagalog

Wish you were here...

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